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Questions Your Mobile Software Developers Should Be Asking

Every day more and more businesses are choosing to develop and increase their mobile presence. Daily usage of mobile devices has increased astronomically in recent years, and computing experts seem certain that mobile devices will soon overtake desktops and laptop computers as consumers' main computing platforms. Companies across the world are keen to take advantage of the opportunities that this massive growth in mobile usage will give them and as such there are various software developers specialising in creating mobile apps and programmes are offering their services. If you are keen to take advantage of the mobile world for your business and are considering approaching mobile software developers to create apps or programmes for you there are a number of questions that they should be asking you to ensure that the software they are developing is what your business needs.

Who will use your App?
Although the app will be used to benefit your company or organisation, ultimately it needs to be created for the end user or the audience. The needs of an audience can vary, here is a big difference in the needs and requirements of the general public, for example, compared to those of your company's employees. Mobile software developers should be asking questions about the audience for your app so that they can determine the best development method or approach to use to create it as well as the best way for it to be distributed. They will most likely ask you the 'Who, What, and Why' about the audience for your app so that they can develop an app that will be appropriate, and will also advise you on the best and safest way to distribute the application. Apps intended for the general public need to be accessed as quickly and easily as possible, and sometimes during the mobile software development process developers can put in added extras to help it jump up app store rankings. Similarly, if the app needs to be distributed internally, developers will be able to advise you on the options that are available, and can even help by making the app accessible on the web. Understanding your audience will also help mobile developers to create the application or mobile software in the right development environment, if your app is one for general use it needs to be compatible with various different devices to ensure that it can be used by your target audience.

What Features does your App need?
Mobile software developers are just as concerned with usability and accessibility as they are with designing and building complex software applications and reputable developers need to be asking you about the features that your app will need so that they can consider the usability implications of this. Multiple features such as barcode readers, audio and video recording and apps that receive push notifications can certainly make a mobile software application better and more usable, but they have other implications associated with them and can sometimes need additional hardware that some mobile web browsers aren't able to access. Answering this question will help your developer figure out the best environment to develop your app in.

How much Memory does your App need?
Although animations, file encryption, interactivity and high volume data sets are all integrated into an application to provide a rich and engaging user experience, but the high levels of memory that these features use can actually be detrimental to user experiences. A good mobile software developer will need to get a clear idea of just how memory intensive your application or software will be so that they can develop it in the most appropriate way.


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