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2011 Social Media Strategies and Mobile Tips for Small-Medium Businesses

2010 Internet strategies saw a continuation of real-time web 2.0 SEO that has become more popular than the traditional methods of optimization for ranking higher on Google search engines. It seems as though getting link popularity from sites that link to competitor web sites have been put out to pasture in favor of creating back-links from social media sites. If you have not already engaged in web 2.0 strategies, now is the time to involve your business in Social Media Strategies to connect directly with your customers. These strategies helps create brand awareness and develops personalized relationships with your customers in fiercely competitive markets. Personalization was one of the secret sauce ingredients for 2010.

Mobility was another ingredient in the secret sauce. A key Internet strategy in 2010 was to optimize your website for mobility which takes into consideration how websites appear on mobile phones. The best way to do this is to shrink the appearance of the main domain name when is typed in the URL. For example, m.mainwebsitename will be optimized and viewable on mobile devices while mainwebsitename will appear its normal size on the Internet.

Once your Internet and mobile websites are optimized and traffic begins flowing through your site, small-medium businesses need to use web analytics tools to drill down on Internet data to gain visitor insights. For example, how long did visitors stay on your site? Where did they enter? Where did they exit? Did they place an order or not? Web Analytics tools can answer these questions, but not the "why questions" when visitors do not place orders for your product, as an example. That is when you may want to enlist the help of a knowledgeable Internet Coaching company to find and repair the "whys" to strengthen the online presence and boost profits.

In 2011, small-medium businesses should continue in the direction of Digital Marketing to reach beyond organic search engine optimization by integrating social media marketing and optimizing websites for mobile users. Just as digital content is transforming many industries, small-medium businesses need to explore how to get into the heads of its customers and visitors by offering a more interactive and personalized experience on the Internet and through mobile devices.


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